Tough Talks with CD

So. Pumped!!!! About this recent unfolding with my Life Coach, Chris Dorris!! I had the honor to chat with him on his podcast, Tough Talks, and simply put... it filled my soul!! I have been working with Chris since October 15th of 2003 and he has had a huge impact on my life. He has provided me with tools to be the best iteration of myself!! Check out his social media platforms and his website and subscribe to his mailing lists to get the latest wisdom by visiting the links below. My favorite offering from Chris is The Daily Dose!! Every morning at 6 am I get a little dose of positive wisdom that sets the tempo of my day. It’s. Miraculous!! Also, you will be updated with his weekly offerings and his newest Tough Talks which go live on Thursdays. The episode featuring myself will be going live this Thursday the 26th!!  Click here to view! Hope y’all enjoy!!

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